Products safety

  • All Ummuramics products are safe for dinnerware use.
  • Ummuramics products are a-okay for the microwave, I put my own things in the microwave all the time, if you are afraid to put it in the microwave, then don't. (haha, but really, none of my pieces have break because of the microwave)
  • Yes, you may pour boiling water into the ceramics-ware, that is how i make my burnt coffee every morning.
  • Like many asian household, I do not own a dishwasher, so I am not sure how it holds in the dishwasher. 
  • Of course if you drop your piece, it may break. 
  • Ceramics is sensitive in some ways, do not allow drastic temperature changes, as it may stress the material.



  • All local orders are delivered at the doorstep, either by Ummuramics team or a local courier.
  • Door step delivery takes up to three-five working days, customer will be informed of delivery the day before. If there is no one at home, item will be placed safely at doorstep, with photo proof. 
  • Customers may opt for delivery to their workplace.
  • Self pick up is at Woodlands . This depends on days and timing, so do make contact first.
  • For overseas shipping, it takes an average of 2-8 weeks to arrive. Arrival time may be longer during the holiday Seasons.
  • Due to the Pandemic, I will not be avail ever to deliver to certain countries.
  • Also due to the Pandemic, postal service takes longer. 
  • Packages will be delivered through Singpost.
  • I am not responsible for lost packages as it is beyond my control, let's hope for these things to not happen. 
  • Every piece delivered will be in 100% form and packaged safely, if something arrives to you damaged, contact me and we will work something out. Hopefully this does not happen too.


  • Pieces are priced according to size and design.

  • Prices are also inclusive of all the process of making that piece and my work as the crafter, so thank you for those who appreciates my practice.



  • Unfortunately we will no longer be taking in custom orders. Thank you for your support thus far.